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Shit happens, been driving legally for 11 years, destroyed 3 wing mirrors and backed into a car once.

Motorcycle slate is less clean, bit the tarmac three times.


My sister backed into her mazda 3 into her neighbors truck and is still lying about it to everybody months later. She must’ve backed out going atleast 30MPH because her bumper is fucked. Someone “hit her in a parking lot”


lol girls and driving… :man_facepalming:


About 4 years now. :slight_smile:


24 years, haven’t damaged anything significantly :smiley:

Well. stacked the bike a couple of times (1x highside out of a roundabout, 1 lowside on limestone in the rain when someone was on the wrong side of the road around a corner and i had to try and evade).

Other than that, clean :smiley:


can she back over me next?


TruckFinity - The spokes are fan blades + fins.

When I noticed the negative space between spoke looks like coffins I gave it a Goth vibe.


Interesting. Was there a car you had in mind while making it?


S10 manual swap update:
This is long overdue, but it’s finished aside from getting the ECU reflashed.

I’ve I priced out the reflash at a GM dealer, and they quoted me $120 which isn’t too bad for a dealer IMO, but I want to get it done somewhere else, so I can have the speed limiter removed.


Not bad. They won’t remove the limiter?

Anyone seen this? I think all this new engine technology to improve efficiency is really cool, but it’s almost late to the show, with electric making the strides it is.


Yep saw that, looks like an excellent engine but too late.
It’s all induction and magnets now.


Can we yield, and even better, not try to hit the motorcyclist? kthx. I got a 5 minute commute and this happens twice. Immediately again after I make this turn to another intersection. Dang fools in cars.

edit : You can also see my “o shit” hand engage there. lul

The opposed piston design is an old one. Used in many trains, I’ve brought this up in the past b.c it blew my mind. I do wonder how the old engines compare to this one, he didn’t really talk about that at all.


I saw these wheels and mine are very similar except fan blade shaped.



Alright. Got my brakes installed. Lines, prop valve, rotors, calipers done.

The only problem now is that I let my master cylinder go dry while I was working on the lines, so now I have to pull it off and bench bleed it, unless someone has an easier solution to bleed a master in the car…

Hello back pain, my old friend.


I’m not familiar with your vehicle. But I’ve had good luck vacuum bleeding. I use a mason jar and 2 air fittings and a long cheap vinyl hose of the right ID.



Hook the hose to the short nipple and to engine vacuum.
The long nipple gets hooked to bleeder valves.


Nope they said, “something, something, safety this, safety that”, just the normal liability nonsense from such companies.

Yeah! That’s cool stuff. Though yes, the pros of electric are getting harder ignore, and the cons are diminishing.


Yeah, I’m gonna make something for it when I get back in the shop, but unfortunately, I’ve had no time this week to keep up my studies, so I’m gonna do that this weekend. (I’m not in school or anything, just learning some programming in my spare time for fun and profit)

Thanks for sharing the “design” though. I don’t usually do much work with brake systems, so this was extremely helpful.


General Maintenance Update:
I got an OBD-II Reader I was lean and cleaning the MAF was all it took. If you have a K&N filter, the oil can contaminate the MAF after a few years. The car is running strong again, so I checked everything including an oil change.

I repainted the top of the doors of the right side. The sun had damaged the clear coat. It looks good from 50 feet away going by at 50 MPH. A 50/50 paint job.

I wanted my real MOMO wheel to match the Logitech MOMO gaming wheel I have on my PC so I added the red stripe at the top.

I had white pinstripes around my rims that were old and peeling. I couldn’t find white tape, so I used chrome. The chrome tape doesn’t bend well so I had to cut it into 1 inch facets to curve around the wheel and stick it with a heat gun. It’s so hard to get the curve right when it doesn’t bend. It looks sketchy at best when parked, but the bling looks good while moving. I used the leftover to trim the roof and the tail lights.

I tested before and after the vortex generators by using dental floss taped to my rear window. Before the floss was swirling up the glass, now it swirls down. I got about 2 MPG with my homemade vortex generators. These might stay on.


Cool. The vortex generators, how are they made and applied?