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I hit 120MPH on the highway today, 2500RPM in 6th. Fastest I’ve ever gone. I love this Saab more and more every day.


Abuse :smiley:


What’s funny is that I don’t abuse this thing.


More seriously. Re-examining that photo, isn’t there meant to be washers on either side of that bushing?

Or is there a washer there i can’t see because it is black? Maybe put a bigger washer on?


Might have to get a washer. This is my first “project car” so there are things I haven’t done before.

When I got the car, there weren’t washers. It would solve the problem tho…


I’m fairly sure they are meant to be there (otherwise there’s only that tiny little rubber lip to prevent this). It’s entirely possible somebody was there before you and didn’t (re)fit them.

Otherwise, the rubber will simply deform and that piece will slide off… as it has…


I had to do some calculations.

Hit my rev limiter at a modest 6000rpm in 3rd gear which is a 1:1 ratio. My rear diff had 3:73 gearset and 27" diameter tires.
Would have been moving at 130mph at this point, after shifting to 4th its anybodys guess.


Its raining fairly heavy since monday, i tripped out of the 500 and bashed the door against a car bumper, i was thinking this was going to be bad day, but no! Luckily the bumper i hit was from a Chevy Kadett, soft thin rubber and foam, so no damage was done to either car


Yep. Bought this one at 20 years old with unknown history and number of owners.

I guess it’s time to go find a washer at oreillys…


Made slight progress today, got the passenger side mounted. Had a lot more work to do today, so there wasn’t as much time to work. Need to get more brake cleaner before I can mount the wheel for fitment tests.


I think someone shitting down my throat would have been preferable.



Parking lot?


Fortunately that panel should be fairly easy to replace.


Backing out of my garage. Pretty embarrassing.


My freshly painted bumper now needs paint again though that’s the part that sucks. I have a replacement fender lined up for $125 but trying to find one that’s already silver


Takes a big man to admit to it though. :+1:

Oh, that definitely doubles the pain.


Don’t feel too bad. I ended up backing into my Leaf with my S10.

Can’t believe I did that.

I was making this post before that was posted.
Just felt I needed to say that. Haha


lol guys and driving… :woman_facepalming:


And how long have you been driving for?

As you’re behind the wheel for longer, the chance of having a minor bender approaches 1


I’ve been driving for 7 years, and I’ve never cause damage to a car (aside from mods and normal wear and tear), other then this one time with my Leaf.