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Ah the good old 1.4 8V fire engine.
That is pretty reliable.
Are you sure its a 8V engine by the way?
I do know that a 1.4 8V exists, but in the Alfa Mito and Grande Punto it only has 78HP.
The 1.4 16V sits arround 90HP in the Mito.


So it says on the spec sheet and badging around the engine bay.
And its a flex fuel implementation, so i can run it on E85 should i want to


That stuff is quite common in Brazil no?


Yup, available on every gas station around the country, right next to CNG (which is a ticking time bomb taxi drivers LOVE to use)


That’s pretty sweet, you can get some good power on that.
Saw a few Supra’s built for it in Australia, but availability wasn’t great.


Pretty much every built car runs E85 arond here since its so easy to get.
Including my truck, which isn’t built at all, but came from the factory in 1984 all prepared to burn E85 on its 4.1L Stovebolt engine


My high school friend, Tony, had a Fiat Spyder [IIRC]. His nickname for Fiat was Found In A Toilet.


Here in Brazil one of the more common ones is “familia italiana atrapalhando o trânsito”, which translates to “italian family messing up the traffic”


Got to drive it this morning, the electric mirror controls are not working, probably has a blown fuse, got to check that out.


dafuq did they smoke to make that?


New brakes are in. This gon be gud.


i drive truck for work. sometimes.


Tow trucks just don’t look the same anymore.


yeah. boss just had a repo lift put in… even though we don’t do repo.


OH, hello there, you don’t look quite right…

Well, that explains one rattle, and why the suspension felt off.

How does an end link come apart like that?!


Has somebody done suspension work recently? Maybe they forgot to hook it back up.


The problem is that the end link popped out of the bushing. If someone wanted it off, there’s a bolt.


I was thinking the sway bar end link had to be disconnected to replace that shock, and whoever did it just forgot to reconnect sway bar end link.

If that wasn’t the case I have no idea how that happened.


Nah, I did all the suspension work myself, about a year ago.


I’m waay too mad right now. These damn brake line fittings don’t match up with the calipers. I only found this out after taking my entire brake system apart.

Guess it’s time to grab a beer, take a shower and go out.

Oh, and I broke a bolt on my stock caliper mount, so I can’t reinstall the stock parts unless I want to go out and buy a bolt… :frowning: