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Should be interesting to see. I’m a big fan of Lotus, and the previous Venom was sweet. If the 300mph claims are real, that will be quite a marvel.


What makes you want an SUV?

300mph wow. I’ll have to keep my eye on this one.


Space for stuff and taking it to the beach. Also like camping.


You need a wagon.

Nope an SUV sounds right up your alley.


It is kinda between SUV and wagon which is what I want.



Spelling counts, but he should get an E for effort.


New or used?

@Positron I think that went over my head, but swedish flag ftw!


Finnish national flag

Finish line racing flag.



1965 Bizzarrini A3/C


Giotto Bizzarrini designed the 1963 and 1964 Ferrari GTO’s.
After he left Ferrari he designed this Corvette powered racer that won Le Mans.


There is only 1 item on my “Bucket List”.
Baja California in Mexico has tons of things I want to do.
Kayaking, whale watching, surfing, partying!

But when I get there I have to take a Wide Open Baja tour first.


I so want one!

aparently going from .44 cd to .33 cd means you can hit 300mph with only 1600 hp as opposed to 2500hp
Who knew!


ooo, so they’ve finally shown the front. Much improved from the concepts they had been showing. Love lotus, but I am not a fan of the one they based the Venom on. I think I prefer the looks of the GT personally. Though I didn’t see it listed, if I am not mistaken 7.4L v8 must mean they have stuck with the LSX platform. Should have an LSX454 in there. That thing is going to sound all sorts of mean.


A bit out of my price range and I’m not sure I’d buy one (given unlimited money), but I would definitely want to drive one.


Mazda Vision concept.






Do 2 wheels count?
This is one of the funniest FAIL ARMY clips I have seen in a long time.


I love Mazda, but I’m normally a big fan of sharp corners and creases, on the other hand Mazda does make the RX-7 FD which is very round and one of the most beautiful cars I’ve seen, so it might just work, after the design concept dies down a little bit (Concepts usually being exaggerated).

are ready for “Japaneseness,”


I’m kinda glad that they’re still working on the Rotary as I am a fan, but we are definitely a niche market, and I wouldn’t buy one new, unless somehow previous problems or fixed (unreliable and unefficient).

I’m very happy to hear Mazda is working on electric, I had legitimate concerns for the company’s future when I heard they had no plans to, a small, affordable, and fun to drive electric car would be amazing! Then again they’re talking about paying a premium, which isn’t really the Mazda I know.

The Mazda I know makes affordable, efficient, and fun-to-drive cars.


Gah, my bike is almost done being rebuilt. Got them new fairings coming in before I can finish it up. There are some really good stunters out there, and these are not them. lol. The mazda is interesting. Has an Aston martin feel to it for me.


It makes a lot of sense for that use case. A single rotor Wankel range extender connected to a generator in an electric car would be very small to hide almost anywhere in the vehicle. As long as they can fix the reliability and apex seal problems, Why Not?

I have seen an electric car with a tiny jet engine the size of a coffee can that functioned the same way. Now that would be hot!


The problem is everyone thinks they are a good stunter after a few drinks.


Ah yes, the apex seals the bane of the rotary. It would be so great if they could get that fixed, but I think they would also have to fix the problem with burning it’s oil (still an apex problem), or put an oil reservoir in it.

I’ve heard turbine engines are more efficient than piston, but they get less efficient the smaller it is (he said she said kind of thing though).
I would love to see a car company work with turbines again.