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What I should have done was had the valve guides cut down to accommodate more lift, like this:


Ah gotcha. Do you still have the S10?


It’s a 2004 Chevrolet Blazer LS.


Do you have any pictures? And are you planning on doing anything to it?

I did the throttle body mod to mine. It knocked a second of my 0-60 time. here’s my post on it with pictures and details.


I wish I could send you a pic right now, but my phone crashed. It’s still all stock. I am planning to do some external mods like installing a cat back exhaust, upgrading the shock absorbers and installing a lift kit. Still undecided though.


A cat delete is going to happen really soon for mine, I’ll make it a full exhaust if I’m not satisfied with the way it sounds. I also need to replace my shock absorbers, but I’m satisfied with how high mine is.

This is the throttle body mod I was talking about, literally doesn’t cost anything, and you don’t even have to take the throttle body off.



Old pic of my 2000 4Runner Highlander (Sport) Edition. I can’t remember when I bought it, but I think I got it in 2007 with 144,000 miles on it. Has ~278,000 on the odometer right now, but I moved up 1 size bigger on the tires somewhere around the around the 190k mark… so I’m unsure of actual mileage. It’s been a good vehicle, but started having some transmission issues about 10 months ago that I haven’t had sorted yet. It just sits parked in the garage now because I got a new car in March. Couldn’t bring myself to trade it in because I really like it. I just wish it didn’t spend most it’s life up north resulting in rust… That thing took me on my first off-roading trip, first time driving across’ish (vertically) the US [GA to MN, several times], and brought both my kids home from the hospital in it.

Mostly stock aside from me painting the center caps, Borla XR1 exhaust, and after market suspension for a small 1-inch lift.


I have always had a soft spot for S10 V8 swaps.


Definitely worth a good chuckle, thanks!


This is the video it’s from. That sign was my favorite part though.


That’s right, it’s a blurry cellphone shot of a blurry cellphone shot… displayed on a broken cellphone screen.

It’s red and has wheels. We can tell that much.
Photo by Some guy on Craigslist




Multiple Nissan Figaro’s. I would love to get one.

This used car dealer in Virginia sorta lucked into starting a business importing Japanese cars. But he goes for odd and mundane vehicles, instead of flashy sports cars. He sells fire trucks, hearses, taxi’s, police cars and he doesn’t clean them up. You buy as is, empty soda bottles and all.




I loved what Jay Leno’s mechanic said in this weeks restoration vlog:

“It will be done Friday.
Not this Friday. But when it’s done it will definitely be a Friday.
I just can’t say which one. But soon.
That one over there will done done on Tuesday and Thursday for this other one”





Thinking about getting either a BMW x1 or Mercedes GLA.