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I’ve been on the 5, the 22, and the 405 and the "malfunction junction"
It’s ok if you went with the automatic :slight_smile:


Auto, in fact, I haven’t found a manual E-class of this generation in the USA. Not sure if they made them and they’re rare or if they were just not made for USA.

Thanks! I’ve been waiting for a while to get something nice and I’ve finally found something that’s both nice and won’t get me in too much trouble on the road.

@trucker, my weekend car is manual, so I hope that makes up for it. :smiley:


1909 Baker Electric


Marvel at the Ford Mach 2C, Larry Shinoda’s hidden-from-the-public mid-engine concept

The nose looks a lot like the original NSX and the air scoop behind the side glass looks like the new NSX.


I really like how clean the design is, especially the tail lights.
Ford decided to buy the (already done) Pantera from Italy rather than working on the Mach 2C.

De Tomaso Pantera


2 in 1 post


I haven’t seen this before. Is there a reason to why he hit him?


Knowing James Hunt he probably was pissed that he crashed out and hit the guy cause he was still revved up. Have you seen the movie RUSH about Hunt vs Lauda? It was excellent even if you are not really into racing.


I also have a Chevy Blazer. Your V70 sounds really impressive.


What year is your Blazer?

My Volvo is definitely a fun sleeper. I love it when people give me a hard time about driving a station wagon, and then they get in it, and there nothing but smiles.


I haven’t but I’ll have to soon




I saw that this morning. I want to watch it but I’m not by internet (other than data)


Modern muscle car.

Just don’t look up the price.


Miss my little truck. Getting the urge to build another.

Looked stock, but you cant hide the sound of a throbbing engine. Or the traction bars.



What did you swap in, a 350?

I’ve been on the hunt for a four door to swap my Blazer’s drivetrain into, which would make it a manual 4 door (GM never put a manual in a 4dr)


Slightly modified 350 yes.


What did you do?


Cam, flat top pistons and vortec heads. Computer tune and away she went. I was too aggressive with the cam lift and kept crushing valve seals which led to burning a bit of oil and fouling plugs. But all in fun of owning a hotrod.


Sounds like the flat top pistons didn’t want to play nice with the cam. Did you ever get it on a Dino?

BTW: I feel the pain with working really hard on a car, and only getting to enjoy it for a while.


Not quite, the pistons weren’t interfering with the valves. The cam lift pushes the valves too far down interfering with the valve guide seals. The vortec heads only have enough clearance for ~0.450 and I think my cam spec was near 0.500.