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Not quite the point I was going for. The LS is really good, and that’s why it is used so much, but that makes it boring to see, and talk about IMO. 1000HP in an LS is whatever, but a 1000HP in a 4 pot is jaw dropping, and I want to hear how they did it.

This is a build I absolutely love. Not the craziest, but very well done.


LOL! How much money did he spend on a fucking Colt?

Junk yard LS 5.3 and some ebay turbos that anyone with a couple hundred bucks and a welder can replicate is more exciting to me. I like the unpretentious accessibility of the LS motor.


Fair enough.




Yeah they are cool, but hard to find a decent one.
Especially if you want a LHD version.
You can find RHD versions in Japan for reasonable prices.
But most of the time they need some bodywork.


I really enjoy Volvo. Even the ancient brick things from the 80s.


This is a build you may or may not be interested in. There still working on it, but I’ll post the video with the finished car when they upload it.


Totally agree. I haven’t had a chance to mess with the old Redblock powered Volvos, but I do want to sometime. I do love the Whiteblock powered Volvos. My only problem with them is there almost always FWD, unless there the Type R, but then those are almost always automatics. I would love the RWD 960/V90 that I could swap my T5 into, but the end goal is the V70 R with 6 speed manual, similar to the one picture.

tl;dr I love Volvos haha.

My baby with a T5 & manual swap


You know you are a troll when…

Jacques Villeneuve driving the Williams FW18

Canadian Jacques Villeneuve was the last driver to win a Formula 1 World’s Championship for Williams in 1997. This year Williams has a new driver (also Canadian) Lance Stroll. He’s pretty good for a rookie. Villeneuve has been so nasty trolling this kid relentlessly that the team told him…

'We value your contributions of 20 years ago, but you are banned from all future company events."


Wow! #getrekt


More car stuff at LTT


I’m back!!! Just got my new 1991 535i/5 home after the much deserved burrito stop! Black on black. Things done from P.O.:
-Poly bushings on suspension and rear subframe
-Single mass freewhile
-new shift bushings
-rebuilt head (it didn’t crack apparently!)
-new cooling system (from previous overheat)
-Glass sunroof (I may be selling this to go back to the metal one?)
-M-par replicas (might go down to a 17" and sell these)
-Sub/JVC deck (blah)
-CLEAN Interior!!! No rips/tears/headliner sag!
-Rear headrests!

She needs work though, and the project list is quickly growing as far as what I want to do. First on the list will be wheels/tires (bald currently), tuning up the engine (slight hesitation ~4k), chipping it, and getting her running the way I know she can from my previous experience. Seriously though, I can’t tell you guys how great it feels to be back in another e34, and I’m exciting to start getting her right.


Beautiful car man, and it sounds like it’ll be a really good time.


Crosley mini-cars, 1000 pound curb weight and 50mpg


I used to see Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward cruising around Westport in a Crosley convertible with a jaunty striped beach resort top. It was like a chopped station wagon with a sunshade. I guess it was his summertime city car for running errands.


I love all those microcars. They’re the auto industry’s anti-depressants.


So last week I got a car. 2013 Benz E350 Coupe.

Pics incoming.

EDIT: Pics!


Too bad I could never fit inside.


I love Kei cars!

Little something I noticed. This Heater controlls came from a Ford Festiva/Mazda 121

Very cool thanks for sharing!

@sgtawesomesauce congratulations! That thing looks posh as hell!


Congrats nice coupé
It is a manual or automatic?