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I don’t see VAG downsizing much. The only cars from them worth buying are the A6, A7, A8 and R8.


Ah well their downsized 3 cilinder Tsi engines are all garbage pretty much.


Yeah. They’re missing 3 cylinders and boost. That’s why they’re garbage. :smiley:


Well i think that they have a 3 cilinder with 130hp, which isnt too bad in terms of numbers on paper.
However those engines arent really reliable.
I get that they want to downsize cleaner and greener, the 3 cilinder turbo charged engines is used by allot of European car manufacturers.
But yeah good luck reaching 200K km´s with those engines.

Mazda does it allot better with their Skyactive engines, they dont down downsize.


That’s the thing. Efficiency is nice, but not at the cost of reliability.


Agree thats why i dont like downsizing.
Especially not if you have a Horse trailer like me.


I drove a Geo Metro (Suzuki 3 cylinder) to the scrap yard with 340k miles (547k km’s) on it. Who knows how much further it could have gone (probably not much), but it was ugly, and I moved on.


Yeah, those cars are quite cool though for some reason though.

Also, popular for electric conversions.


I would like a Suzuki Swift GTI.
My Dad bought one brand new back in the day (91 I think).

I like how the windows appears to almost wraps around.


Yeah or the late 80´s Honda Civic V-tec. :slight_smile:


This one?


Yes. :slight_smile:


Those have a 1.6 V-tec engine with 160HP on 750KG or so.


Yes light, and quick. My favorite recipe for a good time!


Same story with the Iconic Nissan Sunny Pulsar GTi-R.
2.0 16V turbo 4x4 220HP.

Those are collectables.


But yeah an Alfa Romeo GTV6 is really cool. :wink:


Yes! I love it.

And the Mazda 323 GTR. 190HP AWD with locking center diff for rallying.

Honda City Turbo. Comes with that bike in the trunk.

Ford Festiva SHOgun, It’s got the Ford Taurus’s SHO V6

And just for kicks Chevy Spark EV. Only 140HP, but 400 lb-ft of torque.

I plan on selling my Leaf, and get this.


That spark looks pretty cool.


Yeah. I like it, but I do know some of my buddies will give me a hard time about it.

I like this one, but I have different plans for mine.


Belgian F1 GP Spa-Francorchamps is my favorite track, tomorrow morning it will be much louder.
I just did a few laps in my Formula One game to get ready for watching the event.

At the bottom right is Eau Rouge stream. The Eau Rouge corners are a 30mph hairpin > 190 mph steep downhill straight > quick left Eau Rouge at the bottom > Fast right taken flat out 180+ and the uphill makes downforce so the cars will stick > at the hilltop, where it’s 2 lanes wide, the quick left has to be taken blind before you get to the crest because the hill jumps the car so they get nearly zero traction. Very fast, very tricky, very fun.

Eau Rouge at 00:30