Automation: Selenium or bust?

Hi guys. I’ve run into a few tasks at work (IT and operations at a medium sized company) that I think would benefit greatly from automating the process.

We’re running most of the business operations through a web based ERP and warehouse management solution, so the idea I had was to automate the login and logout using the IT user on each point of sale so the new price list is loaded. Before I jump to my go to in these situations, Python, I was wondering if there were options other than Selenium that made sense. No point in learning the library just to reinvent the wheel, especially since I don’t do much web based stuff otherwise. In Southern Africa, so not as much exposure to what’s available out there and looking for interesting stuff to make my job easier.

Have you looked at Cypress?

I’d back Cypress in a medium sized company, realistically the only time I’d suggest Selenium is when you’re working in larger companies, even then a lot of large enterprises are starting to look more into Cypress over Selenium. One of the engineering teams in my place of work has done a comparison & for the most part Cypress seems to be a more appropriate solution, not to mention a more performance oriented solution too.

I have no biased opinion, that’s purely just my 2 cents, if it were something for myself, I’d probably use Selenium only because I’ve used it quite extensively in the past, so for me it’s a breeze to get it all up & running. But I should probably spend more time tinkering, looking at Cypress truth be told. :slightly_smiling_face:

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