Automating work clock in and out?

Sitting here a bit bored at work I was wondering what I would need to do in order to automate the process of me clocking in and out for the day and for lunch. The way that I need to do it is online. I have a website that I log into and then click on punch in/out and then do my punch. At the log in page I can either log in and go to the punch section or I can also a punch option instead of log-in. It doesn't automatically punch, but rather just goes to a page which gives me the 3 options in which to click (in for day, in from lunch, out). Do I need to go the bot route? can it be done with a browser plug in? auto hot key?

Here is the first page

and here is what it looks like when I click on punch

i can almost guarantee this is against company policy.

oh yea....I know