Automating Email in Linux

Hi everyone -

I'm in the process of automating my email. I've had good success with the retrieval and processing component of automation. Now I need to automate my responses. Essentially, I plan on creating alot of files which are canned responses and use the mail command to facilitate the automation/command line component.

I will be using my organizations SMTP server to send the emails from my account. I'm not knowledgeable on this end of the email chain, but I was hoping it would be similar to fetchmail and procmail's setup.

Anyways any suggestions or tuts would he appreciated.

Prefered distro: CentOS / Fedora - but general still appreciated.

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Not sure I understand OP's question exactly though.

So mail comes in through some retrieval process, and is stored in files as mail.

Then it is retrieved by an application that processes it and determines what response each mail item should receive?

Those responses are preformatted and stored as text files?

So the following data has to be brought together:

  • addressee(s)
  • sender
  • received message
  • some kind of classification or typification
  • preformatted response

and that has to be sent through SMTP?

The sending as such is not a problem. SMTP is very unassuming in terms of prerequisites to be able to send successfully. It is also decoupled from the various entry mailaccounts, receiving and sending mail are completely separate. Sending is thereby super simple, whereas receiving, and especially syncing (AD/IMAP/WebDAV) is rather complicated.

So if OP has figured the receiving part and the processing part out, the outputting of a database controlled series of SMTP send commands should be super easy. If that were the case, the question would not have been posted, so I must either be missing something or completely failing in understanding the question (mind you, that is VERY well possible lol).

I would appreciate it if OP or someone else who has it figured out could lead me to the path of enlightment lol, and then I would be glad to share my thoughts on what a solution might encompass.

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I'm pretty sure he wants to have a sorting program that will sort incoming email into folders an depending on the folder the sender will recieve an automated massage. Is that it @cotton ?

@anon5644329 Nailed it!

At this point I guess I could just have said (tail between my legs) - How do I send an email from the command line using my account on my organization smtp server?

As I mentioned before, it's not that hard. Here's an article that explains it:

Oh and after install and configuration, don't forget you'll have to use the sendmail CLI commans as root, or it won't work.