Automated Spam Control for TekSyndicate

We're still getting a lot of spam on the site and it seems like it requires intervention from the staff to clear it out.

There is a nice plugin for Drupal available at the drupal plugins page called AntiSpam.  It utilises online anti-spam web services to determine if a post is spam or not and put it into a spam queue.  It is able to use AkismetTypePad AntiSpam or Defensio.

Here's a picture of the graphs generated by it.

There is even a module that will automatically whitelist users who have more than a specified post count.  

I have personally found Akismet to be very accurate and time saving and I think this plugin would really help the staff with the spam issues.

This looks like it has potential.

Go to the sugestions sticky thread to stop this idea being burried under spam in the blogs.

These suggestions have been made before, but they don't appear to care about implementing any of these solutions. :s

Yeah, we love spam and do not care about it.... no. We are working on it. It looks like we might need a captcha on the blogs (and maybe a few other things).

I just figured since you've been running websites for the last five years and that you are tech savvy that you would've been more proactive about this issue. It's not like you don't know what you're doing, which is why I don't understand why it has been taking so long.

people are busy, you know. I am sure he is also working on gizillion other things. And the decision that is made with a long preparation might be better, than the fast paste fix.


We have a lot going on behind the scenes. In the past few days we have blocked over 60,000 captcha attempts. Here's what's going on, since you are not in the know: Someone has hired someone to specifically create a few hundred accounts on our site. After the accounts are created they can send their bots over. We have blocked many of the ip addresses and the spam has gone down some.

We are thinking about doing a few new things... We might add a captcha to the blog section. We also might force all new members to beat a captcha on their first 10 posts. All of these things can be annoying, so we are discussing the options.

I think some of the spammers are just a bunch of angry neckbeards from Toms hardware and Anandtech.

The best of luck to you Logan, and crew on this very big pain in the neck. With the amount you are constantly posting for our benefit I’m sure this is the last bloody thing you needed. This is one of the few sites I constantly visit so whatever you feel you need to do in order to fix this problem, I’m OK with it. Keep up the great work guys/gals.

Don't you think that bothering him about being a little RH00D?



with great power, comes great responsibility XD



What exactly is the "ham" in that chart up above?

non-spam posts i think?