Automated Backup strategies and/or packages

Hi, I'm looking to get some sort of automatic backup system (set it and forget it) going for my laptop. I'm running Debian testing on a Dell XPS, looking to back up to my FreeNAS-based server. When I had Ubuntu there was a baked-in backup app and I'm looking for something similar but there are so many choices and I'm honestly paralyzed by the options. I'm interested to know what you're running and what works the best. I'm not afraid of any CLI solutions either. Thank you for your input! :)

rsync, it's a cli tool but hands down the best solution imo, basic but very useful feature is to have it backup only the files that has been altered rather than backing up everything.
Set it up as a cron job and let it do its magic in the background. For file backups that is.
For the system you can take snapshots with snapper to rollback instantly if needed.


I use Ubuntu's backup utility to backup my /home directory to an internal hard drive, which is then synced to my nextcloud server, I also have a cron job running to rsync the backup to another hard drive in my desktop. By the way, the backup utility in Ubuntu is using duplicity as the backend and there is a command line tool available for it, shouldn't be too hard to get working in Debian.

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