Autodesk Revit Workstation Build

This system will be 100% Autodesk Revit machine, with a side of playing solitaire when the boss isn't looking ;).

Revit requirements here:

From reading about Revit, the program seems to rely on CPU a lot more heavily then GPU.

I may end up putting an AMD Firepro 2GB GPU instead of the 4GB.

What do you guys think about this build?

Budget being around $1,500

Much appreciated,


A liitle more ooomph!

Same quote "umph" as the one above, but I cut out a lot of the fat to keep it in budget.

Very nice guys, thanks for the input!

I think were going to go with this. Added some fat back on to keep it over budget :).

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I like the above builds but think a Xenon processor for that socket would be a better route to go for a workstation build like this.
Why go with a K series processor, I don't think he is going to be overclocking company equipment.
A similarly priced Xenon would provide better cache and stuff that would benefit your needs that would not be used in gaming.
The i7 K series is more gaming oriented, It would still do the job no problem but I think you can spend the CPU money smarter.


Multi-Core IntelĀ® XeonĀ®, or i-Series processor or AMDĀ® equivalent with SSE2 technology. Highest affordable CPU speed rating recommended.

AutodeskĀ® RevitĀ® software products will use multiple cores for many tasks, using up to 16 cores for near-photorealistic rendering operations.

A 8 Core AMD might beat out a 6 core Intel for alot better price.
Just some thoughts.
This I think for the $ would run way better for that program than the i7, based on the System Req.

Pretty sure something like an i7-5820k or 4930k would absolutely wreck a 8350.

In single core performance
Did you read the system req.
It does not matter if it is Intel or AMD
a 8 core CPU at 4.7GHz will run that program better than a 3.5Ghz 6 Core CPU.

Also I listed a 9590 not a 8320.

Its just math based on the software developers numbers.
Also even if Intel is the better choice a K series processor is a waste of money for that corporation. So In that respect a Xenon would be better than an i7 K series processor that all above have suggested.

Keep in mind that these 6 core Intel's have hyperthreading. This is essentially 12 threads versus 8 of AMD's.

Single core performance still makes a difference. Why does a quad core i7-4790k beat out a FX-8350 in just about every rendering benchmark? I know it says Highest CPU speed rating, but with Intel's higher IPC and 12 threads, I'm doubting that a something like a 9590 would outperform a 6 core Xeon/i7.

I can see that being possible. You should however see that a K-Series i7 is just throwing his company's money out the window.
I would agree with a Xenon or a cheaper i7 with out the overclocking ability as he will never overclock this machine.
Also for the price if you start looking at good Xenon processors the prices of just the CPU starts to equal his build.
I was originally on the Intel wagon but after reading Sys Req, AMD is seeming like a very viable option.

Here is the machine I built my wife about a year ago, for rivet use:

This machine handles everything rivet has thrown at it so far including major renders and switching between 2d and 3d views as well as program loads time on large projects such as the my wife's current final project for school, which is to create a BIM model of her university.

Note this machine is for personal use and will be repurpose but if for business i would recommend a xenon procressor and quadro series card if you were to use Intel and Nvidia. I have seen this combo work well with ProE and Autodesk programs.

The build also depends on how your office handles rivet in general, as many will use rivet server which pushes much of processing of render for example to the server.

But to be sure of what you need would be to use the certified hardware search from autodesk to find the right hardware and drivers: