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Auto shutdown in Win 10 LTSC? How to stop it



So new build, Ryzen 3700x, 32gb ram 1th NVME. I had been use win 7. and was planning to continue. But had issues getting it running on Ryzen. I bit the bullet and installed the April Edition of Win 10 LTSC, which is supposed to not do all the downloads. But it does!!!

Not being familiar with ten, I have a couple issues.

  1. Twice I’ve got a notification it was going to shutdown in 5 minutes. After some googling I read about sending Shutdown -a to cancel that, but where is this managed. mu computers runs 24/7, I don’t want it to shutdown on its own???

  2. When I was adamant about staying win7, others on the forum recommended some tweaks to stop the spying and Windows downloading stuff in the background. I’m on a mobile data so I can’t have it suck down 15 gigs in the background.

  3. A minor annoyance, in my older system i have a ton of files and folders and prefer to view them as DETAILS either alphabetically or by date. For some reason Win 10 insists on Icon view. Which is no good to view 1400 files. Is there a global way to sett all folders to Detail and alphabetical?

  4. I would like to monitor my CPU temps, and RAM usage. Is thee something nice for that. I’m trying CPUID HWMonitor but it give a lot of info I don’t need. I’d just like to see the performance on the 3700x. And temps.

  5. I have the ADATA 8200 1TB NVMe drive. It tests very fast 3500 read 2700 write. But I am not getting very good boot times. Asus Prime x470. in the 30 second range. LTSC is supposed to not have all the bloatware, and I primarily use the Adobe suite. So not too much outside of browsers. Any tips on getting a fast boot?

These are just my annoyances with 10.


Any suggestions are appreciated.



Is this a legit copy? I only ask, because usually this image is used in the enterprise. (if so, awesome. If not, you may have some spyware poking around causing issues)

LTSC is lightweight compared to consumer w10. Could you clarify what you mean by ‘all the downloads?’

This doesn’t seem normal, this is why I asked if this is a legit copy. You could check event viewer to see what may be prompting the shutdown.

There should be a metered connections option available in the settings to help with this.

Should just be able to set the view settings via windows explorer, google may be able to help more with this then I can.

There are a billion options out there, personally I don’t really care too much about cpu temp, but you could check out ‘Core Temp’.

Is this Windows 10 LTSC install a ‘clean’ install? Perhaps check bios and report back with your configuration. (should be UEFI, not legacy, etc…)

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Assuming they mean windows updates (in which case prepare for a post about how turning them off is an idiotic idea), then ltsc still does automatic updates as far as I’m aware. Which is fine, it’s supposed to update.



Correct. If It’s a fresh install, it still will need it’s initial set of larger Updates. And LTSC still recieves regular security updates. Just not the half yearly feature updates.

To be honest, running anything windows 24/7 just isn’t working anymore. Even ALL of our 800+ Servers get a reboot every month for windows Updates. There is no way around that.
If you actually need 24/7/365 uptime, linux is you only option (or BSD). Windows, no matter which version is intended to be rebootet at least once a month for updates. If you don’t do it when it fits your schedule, all windows client versions will eventually get more adament about forcing a reboot to install updates.