Auto-playing ads

While watching the Tek (on, flash advertisements start playing at random intervals. The particular offender I found was on the "3D Speed Printing, Wearable Cameras, & Digital Benches | Viva Technology 2016" page, at the very bottom of the right column. It was an ad for "Bar-S Foods" (hot dogs) on facebook.

This happened three times before I could find where it was coming from. I don't know if they were all being served from the same ad, but they were for different things.

I don't use adblock on

whats your internet provider? we might be seeing our first case of ad injection by isp

Get adblock

Seriously adblock pro is free and removes them from EVERYthing. In tandum, also get ghostery. A tracker might get around ABP alone so ghostery makes you anon to ad services.

don't recommend adblock.... you should be using Ublock now.,

This sounds like malware or code injection from your ISP. Check for malware.