Auto Cad/ Revit Pc

Hi Guys, 

I'm looking to build a pc for the first time. I am currently at university and looking to build a pc for mainly 2d Autocad use and Google Sketchup (3D) with enough scope to use Revit in the future. 

I'm getting a bit confused as to what to go for to be honest. Ideally I'd like the following specs;


  • 8+GB RAM (with capacity to add more)
  • 240Gb SSD
  • 1TB HD
  • Possibly a graphics card (However, this isn't a top priority but ideally could be added in the future)

So what I'm after really is suggestions on the parts to use i.e motherboards etc.

I know this is fairly brief but I'll try and answer any questions you guys have. 


Budget wise I'd like to keep it under £600 if possible (920 usd).


Cheers guys hope you can help. 


What else do you need. Monitor, OS, Keyboard and mouse? 

Monitor will be a cheap benq 24". Keyboard and mouse will just be standard off the shelf stuff. 

OS Windows 7

Forgot to mention I could do with info on;



And the case.



so you have windows 7 and what is your maximum budget ?

max budget would be 600 at the moment. (edit: thats 600 pounds not dollars)

I also forgot to mention I could do with advice on whether to go down the intel or AMD route 

Bump - Any ideas people? Cheers