Auto backup solution for flash drive?

Hello everyone,


This is my first post here at the Tek Syndicate forums and I would like to start off by saying how I am really liking the communities level of respect and overall wealth of knowledge. The videos and this forum have been a great help for me in the last couple weeks.


Anyway, back to my question.

I am a CNC programmer by trade and do alot of work with CAD models. I am currently using a Flash drive to transfer files between work and home. i have a large data base of every project I have worked on (about 400gb). i usually am only carrying the files i am currently working from but recently i have ran into a couple issues of accidently saving over the latest files with outdated ones or deleting them all together. mind you, i know this is a human error issue (facepalm) but im looking for a good way to keep all files up to date without out having to save each one, one at a time.

my current file system is not very efficent and/or secure.

As of right now, I need to be able to take a file i am working on at home to work, modify it then take it back home and keep my datebase up to date.

i am keeping a manual backup of the entire database in an external drive.

is there any programs or methods of easily obtaining what I am after?

the cloud is not an option as i am under company and customer regulation not to use such a file storage method.


thanks for reading and i look forward to any suggestions i may recieve.