Australian VPN

Hello Tek Syndicate,

I would be grateful for some advice on choosing a VPN for Australia.

I know a lot of research has been done by the hosts and the community and I was very close to getting Private Internet Access or the other VPNs recommend by Logan.

I saw there was no Australian flag next to the others and queried them PIA about it to which they replied:

"Yes. Those are places that you can connect to and appear from." and comprehensive list of their servers, everywhere except Australia.

So after a little research I have found that Vypr VPN is well reviewed and has an Australian server.

HOWEVER I would be interested to learn why this would be a better option or if the community would recommend anything over Vypr for me. What are the factors you compared when choosing your VPN?

Im in Australia, & use PureVPN, have done for some time now. Has local servers as well as servers all over the world. Speeds are reasonable. Price is awesome. There are a handful of servers that allow P2P - Sweden, Russia, Ukraine, Turkey and a couple others.

Also if you pay a small fee each month you can add a NAT Firewall which is a network protocol used to designate a public address to a computer or a group of computer inside a private network. Through NAT Firewall users can connect multiple devices to one public network. Inside NAT Firewall, a Firewall analyzes data packets and help to halt hackers from inserting malicious packets onto your system.

Link >

1 account can have 5 attached devices so that should cover all your devices as well as friends if you wanna split the bill.

Internet without using a VPN is like a one-night-stand without a rubber.

TLDR - PureVPN, good, cheap, & has OZ servers in Sydney.

Cheers mate :)

what speeds are you getting and what area ?

Nice icon :)! Real world speed downloading steam games can be 4.3 megabits/second steady. I'm in South Australia on Telstra.

In Perth, speeds with 128 bit encryption sit at around 900kbps, & without the vpn on its like 1000 so not much of a hit. .... Yep rest of the world, welcome to Oz where copper turd polishing is the best the government can do.

During peak times the Oz server can be a little slow, but I tend to just leave mine set to Sweden. P2P friendly and stable.

Speeds though on my phone I notice more. Fair bit of timing out on sites. Thats mainly due to shit phone coverage as well.

Is there ever a case where certain parts of a country has no need for throttling? I use to live in the Darwin area and i was getting speeds of 7 to 8 Mbps due to the bran new infrastructure and low population