Australian Nextcloud Hosting Suggestions

I want to ditch Dropbox for Christmas and move to an open source alternative. I’m thinking Nextcloud.
Perhaps one day I could save up, build my server and host it at home.

For the moment I’m looking for webhost recommendations for someone living in Australia?

Im in NZ and use Vultr (servers located in Sydney) for many VPS related things, unfortunately they dont have any “storage” plans for Sydney servers, all are based on SSD, too expensive for this.

But Nextcloud doesnt need local storage, you can use google drive, amazon AWS etc for the backend storage, i even mounted a storage share from my home onto a vutlr vps over sshfs (they dont charge for incoming traffic) and it worked pretty well.

But probably the best solution if you dont care about 10MBps+ transfers is “time4vps”, very cheap 1TB storage vps’s hosted in Lithuania, my transfers from NZ(gigabit connection) are around 7MBps which is decent.

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We can’t really recommend anything unless we know your hardware requirements, and monthly budget?

Looks groovy. Thanks

I get you. I didn’t specify because I won’t know my requirements until I play with it and see how useful it is to me. I could see myself getting a domain, email, website and running Wekan board as well as Dropbox replacement.

A VPS plan would allow me to expand functionality like that, whereas some providers storage plans wouldn’t.

Also, I’m guessing I don’t need amazing speed, maybe > 4MBs. Price probably under $150 / year.