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so i would like to start a discussion about what we actually get for our money in Australia and to answer any questions you have in regards to telstra(nothing off limits)

below is just a sample of the kind of pricing business in Aus have to deal with ( when they say unlimited they mean 1000gb)

Whats bdsl? Adsl and vdsl are familiar but bdsl doesn't even give any google results.
Also what are those prices? Enterprise?

Those prices are a ruse, right?

Seems legit

BDSL is called Ethernet lite its a premium business service in telstra its for Connect IP and some other "Layer 2" business services,

No they are quite real - when a large corp wants services they are willing to pay a lot more so telstra bundles it as a " super premium" service to convince them they are getting more than anyone else. and in some cases this is true but most of the time they get the same quality as small businesses

the Americans dont know how good some of there stuff is.
ADSL2 is ment to be 20Mb/s but in reality with the ageing copper it's more like 12.
So when somone starts telling me about there gigabit connection, i need to remind myselfe that there talking about internet not there LAN.

and iinet is the saving grace around here

It's slower & has lower download limits than home ADSL?

Or am I reading that wrong?

yeah funny you should mention that check this email that was sent by a higher up about actual speed they have to provide...(i have omitted some details for legal reasons)

Sent: Saturday, 4 August 2015 6:27 PM
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Subject: ADSL2 Best Effort and Speed Expectations

Some information on Best Effort: Note this information is also available on the BIG website

When High speed is referenced the maximum line speed is 24Mbps downstream and 1.5Mbps upstream. Minimum line speeds for ADSL2+ speeds are 1.5Mbps downstream/256kbps upstream. This is an initial minimum benchmark and not a guarantee.
Check OATS Downstream Bitrate
Downstream Bitrate is the actual speed the customer's modem has synched up with at the server. The minimum speed for Best Effort is 1536kb/s

Services above Best Effort Performance Standard will not be considered faulty
High Speed Best Effort Disclaimer
Speeds are theoretical network maximum speeds, actual speeds may be less due to a number of factors including network configuration, line quality & length, exchange type, customer premises interference, traffic and hardware and software. About 70% of customers on the 8Mbps plan can access speeds around 6Mbps or more. About 50% of customers on the 20Mbps plan can access speeds around 10Mbps or more.


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yeah that is right, in most situations its for large retail outlets (for ip devices and pos equipment) where speed is no issue and they need like 100+ connections

I gave up on speed...I run an unlimited account and just wait for it to DL.