Aussie Mid-$1000 Build

Hey all!

I'm a long-time Channel subscriber, but a newbie to the forums. I've been wanting to build my own PC for a LONG time (playing games on a little MacBook Pro can be frustrating). 

I've got a budget of around $1,000-$1,400 AUD. Mini-ITX is probably where I want to go. Having seen the awesome Colugo build Logan just put together, I'd like to build something similar.

However, the Lian-Li case is only available for pre-order in Australia for $150, so I probably won't go that route. I'm currently liking the Bitfenix Phenom, but if I find a better alternative, I am definitely open to it.

Anyway, here is the full list currently. I'll be wanting it mainly for gaming and editing. When I say editing, I mean Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop, and Premiere Pro (I'm a photographer/videographer in my spare time). I like games like Skyrim, CoD, Diablo III, Metro 2033 (as a sample). I don't really care about benchmarking or running all my games on ultra-high, but getting a bit more bang-for-my-buck when it comes to visuals would be nice. I'm not currently set on Intel when it comes to the CPU, as well as ATI/NVidia. Whatever is most affordable/bang for buck!

I like this, it should be faster than than the one you have built because a slightly better gpu cooler (which can fit in this matx case) and a 240gb ssd 

I like it! Don't like the case though. I'm a bit of a purist when it comes to aesthetic and design. Is the larger SSD really worth it? Apart from that it looks fine. Remember as well, Australian prices tend to be higher than the US.

A bigger SSD is totally worth it! The biggest thing i notice in my new computer is how fast it boots, how fast it loads games, and how good the graphics are. Two out of the three of those are all because of the 240gb SSD in my computer. Loading to windows in 8 seconds from completely shut off is AMAZING. Booting to a full, 64 person battlefield 4 match in 30 seconds, is amazing. I used to game on a $1000 gaming laptop, and the speed the SSD makes is enough of a reason to switch to my desktop. You really have no idea how much nicer windows is to operate on an SSD. It is worth much more than the $170 i payed for it to me.

    Now to the case. I think you should probably just pick one out because i don't really know your style. And the build i made is in Aussie prices. You can set PcPartPicker to get prices from different parts of the world 

Would it be worth saving a few extra bucks and getting an FX 6300 or 8350 with an AM3+ MoBo? And the SSD is enticing!