AUS pc gaming - 1500 - 2000

I am from Aus and wish some help with creating a gaming pc
I haven't built or looked at any hardware for a while, so i don't know  exactly whats good now
My previous computer is fucked beyond repair, long story short an arrow went through it and fried everything like burnt bacon

My price range is around 1500 to 2000, i will be willing to spend more but i feel that around this price range is a good amount for cost effective
I can really only buy from AUS stores, so stores likes would be a good place to start
I want this to become fairly future proof, i really would only use this to play games. Other than that would be basic things like sublime text and chrome
As a genera rule of thumb i like to make sure it can run the newest crysis really well, and the first crysis with graphics mods (sustaining and cooling is a different story)

I would need a monitor aswell with it, (just something very basic to last me till i can upgrade to something alot better)

What do you think about custom made companies?
are they worth it, reliable, cheap, quality ect

 Thank you to everyone in advance


p.s. shipping should be included with the full cost

Baseline build.  A great starting point.  I left 100 bucks for shipping as a rough estimate.

I think you'd be better off building a computer yourself.  You'll learn how to maintain your computer in a good working order, and I find it fun.