Aus Gaming Pc, $1500

Hi there, I am planning on building my first gaming PC and am aiming to have it set up by the end of the year. I am based in Australia and my budget for the build is around $1500. 

I am still in the process of finding my ideal parts though this is what I have so far

Some of those parts, such as the case and power supply unit, I am not really set on so any recommendations will be much appreciated. I would like to stick with an intel processor and an nvidia graphics card, the card I am looking at is a GTX 770 with 4GB VRam. The reason for the extra video ram is to somewhat future proof the build with the next gen games coming out. Would anyone recommend waiting for the next AMD cards to come out before I purchase this card as nvidia may drop their prices?

I don't plan on using water cooling for the system since it is my first time building a PC and I would rather not have to deal with installing it. Although I would require some silent/strong fans as the room temperature can get quite warm.

Any recommendations on parts or advice on building it will be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Are you only gaming? and is there any reason you want to go a full size atx instead of matx or itx

Yes I will be using this pretty much only for gaming though I will occasionally use some video editing software. With the case I mainly have that one in there as a place holder until I find a case that suits all the parts, any suggestions would be great.

Okay well will there be enough usage of said video editing programs to justify the extra $100 for the i7 over an i5

Will you be overclocking and again why the atx board

also why nvidia cards

Yeah I would need the i7 enough to justify the price, and sorry i forgot to add that I don't plan on overclocking though I may down the line if I require the extra power. The atx board was recommended to me by a friend though I am open to any suggestions. The main reason why I want to have an nvidia card is because i have had the most experience with them in the past, they have always been reliable and I lack the knowledge when it comes to other card. 

Well personally you'll have to shell out more money for a decent cooler and so that another $50 at least being in australia myself. I'm not sure why you would get the 4gb version of a 770 if you were to go the nvidia route unless your playing at massive resolutions and if your trying to future proof by the time you'll be needing +3gb of graphics ram the card will to be too slow to make use of it (someone might correct me on this as I don't fully understand all the nuisances of graphics ram) but this site would suggest its not worth it

Anyway since you need the i7 for video editing its kind of recommend you get 16gb if you're going to be working with large files 

Personally I would go with something like this someone else can probably tighten this down a bit but essential from what you've said it should be all that you need assuming you need the 16gb ram 

you could swap the case out for this if you wanted to make it smaller and also the motherboard doesn't offer sli if you plan on doing that in the future so these are all the things you should consider


Hey thanks for all the great information, I will now most likely move to the GTX 770 2gb. Thanks for the build recommendation, do you think it would be better to go for the 4770k in case I decide to overclock later on. Also the micro case seemed abit small considering I'm aiming to fit several fans in there to maximize airflow.

Thanks again

Well the 4770k is the same price as the 3770k 

if you go 4770k you will need a z87 platform motherboard which will push up the price and you'll have to get a decent after market cooler which is another expense though you can probably buy that at a later date.

I feel if you're not going to use all the pci slots on an atx board then I wouldn't bother and I would look into buying a slightly larger matx case with more fan space

The 350d can accommadate 5 fans and personally I think it looks quite sexy

why have you got that ram the voltage is significantly higher and why that motherboard it is expensive with features that the OP has suggested he won't use also he wants nvidia I would do an amd build if they were open to it


PSU to allow for SLI'd 770s

Cheaper and lower clocked RAM, as it's easier to match lower clocked RAM if you so desire to upgrade.  Having more voltage on RAM isn't really bad.

GPU changed to the 2GB version.  The 256 memory bit bus isn't large enough to fully use the 4GB for gaming.  The 4GB will only help with mutli monitor or resolutions higher than 1080-1440.

Thanks for all the recommendations, I'm going to revise my build. Really appreciate it guys!

if you want to play BF4 at ultra setting you need 4 Gb  vram because it takes  2,5 gb of vram on a sythem of a friend 



People run BF4 just fine on GTX 660s.  And those weak cards have 2GB of VRAM.  You don't NEED 4GB.