Audiodesk CD improver?

What would the teams opinion be of the Audiodesk CD improver?

After some research I am shocked at the lack of people who do not understand how a CD works and who think that a $1000 motor and razor set up some how improves their audio quality.


Thank you.

lol. it's digital information, with error correction too so kinda odd if anything can improve the audio. snake oil.

Hmm, reduces light scatter?  Well, that would probably improve access times, data transfer rates, data loss and whatnot...  but, as anarekist said, its a digital file.  I fail to see how a physical change to the disk can affect the properties of a digital file, or even it's playback unless data loss is a larger problem than I'm aware of.

But who knows.  I'm not knowledgeable enough on the subject to call bullshit, so maybe it does work?  I'd still bet no though.