Audio Technica ATH-ADG1

Is anyone else hyped about those cans? They're basically the AD700 headphones with a really nice mic attached to them. They also come with a small USB DAC/AMP. I'll probably buy them as soon as they get released in europe or the US, importing them from australia or Japan would be a bit ridiculous.

I've already read a few reviews and it seems that the closed back version has quite a bit of bass. The open back version should have a bit less, and both of them probably have more bass than the original AD700's, since they basically have no bass at all. I actually like that, as long as other noises don't get drowned out a bit of bass just makes them more fun for gaming.

What most reviewers didn't like was that the cable is non detachable (not really an issue for me), that the mute button is in a weird position and that the normal cable is only 1m long (it has a 2m extension, but that splits in 2 1/8 inch jacks so you can't use the USB DAC or you would have to buy an adapter that reunites the Y-splitter) I could just use the USB hub on my monitor though, or could that cause issues with the USB DAC/AMP?

They'll probably be a bit expensive at launch, I just hope that we won't suffer from the extremely inflated prices in europe, like we did with the AD700's and AD700x's (they still cost >200€ on amazon -.-) If they cost less than 300 bucks I'm fine with it tbh. You will definitely pay a premium on those headphones, I know that. But since they are the first serious audio company which brings a high class headset to the market I'm fine with that. I really hope that this will put pressure on all manufacturers of "gaming" headsets to improve audio quality and that some other audio companies like beyerdynamic maybe try to make their own.

Well, I can't wait for them. I really hope that we will see a release soon and that they will live up to the hype. What's everyone's opinion on them? Will you consider buying them? Oh, and would the USB DAC be a problem if you plug it in via a USB hub?

I was also excited to get those. The price is pretty steep though now that i think about it. I got to listen to a pair of a700x of my friends for a while and it was phenomenal. I liked them a lot for gaming AND music.

The thing is the a700x sells for ~130$ and you could get something like the blue snowflake for 60$ and still have enough to buy a usb soundcard. I know that the adg1 is a combined headphone and mic in one, but I'm not convinced that its worth the price. Maybe its best to wait for the price to fall.

I would get the open back version though and regarding your question about the hub, there shouldnt be any problem if you connect the DAC to the hub


Way to overpriced IMO. You can get similar audio quality for less than half. You can grab the AD700x's, and a blue snowflake for around $160 total.

As I said, I know that they'll be overpriced. However, in europe the AD700x still cost >200€ (nearly 300 USD!) because of inflated prices. I hope that they will go down with the prices on those or that the ATH-ADG1 will launch at a more reasonable price. Also, convenience. Having a clip-on mic somewhere or having a desk mic in front of you isn't really practical for me. If it launches at <300€ then I will consider buying it. If we get horribly inflated prices again then I will definitely buy a nice set of headphones and just learn to live with a desk mic.