Audio Solutions for the Average Gamer

A variety of audio solutions that is applicable to all gamers, especially the average gamer on a budget. Figured this might help people make a decision for Boxing Day.

They also got a new camera guy. Spread the love if you think the quality is better.

Also, if you guys are curious to see an updated version of this with open back headphones, let them know. I know one of them is going to be getting new headphones from akg from that massdrop event a while back.

Yeah... I'll check back when they test the AKG. I truly hope people do not follow the advice in this video and I would welcome these guys to try mod mics and real headphones (like the ones we mention in our videos).

I have turned my back on gaming headsets....... thank you Logan :)

ATH-M50x is my personal favorite, with an Mayflower Amp, I bought one along time ago before the company really expanded and I liked them ever since.

I know it is ridiculous, but any man with a Guinness shirt (or any other symbol of Irish national pride) requires my attention. Strangest thing, I am WAY more English and even French by blood, but the Irish just shines through.