Audio Problems

So I have these extremely nice KRK studio monitor speakers. Whenever I hook them up to my computer, I hear this weird buzzing noise, it's usually pretty quiet or not even there when I'm staring at the desktop but the moment my GPU starts going hardcore the buzzing just acts up and goes crazy. I can even change the sound of the buzzing dependent on what I'm looking at in game. So far the problem hasn't been fixed by a new GPU, new motherboard/cpu, new power supply, new case, new soundcard internal and external. As weird as it is to say this, but a long time ago I used to own a mac, and I never had that buzzing problem before with the mac it started when I built my first rig. Any ideas?


Had the exact same issue with my KRK Rockit 6se's. You could hear it just by moving the mouse.

Tried everything; a mobo, soundcard, removing the graphics card, different audio cables, etc.

What finally worked? Isolating the power cords of the speakers from other cables to reduce interference. I thought it was the audio cables for a while and even tried a nice set of shielded rca's since the xlr/trs aren't balanced anyway out of the computer.

I never had an issue when coming out of my old digirack 002, but then again the audio cables were balanced and the signal that went to the digi was digital...

So try and isolate the power cables to the actual speakers themselves, I've never tried that one before but I never really thought about it that way, unless maybe my cord is not shielded right. I do have KRK 6s the same ones you have. The interesting thing is, I have them plugged into my TV using just a simple 8 inch jack and there is no buzzing no matter what happens. The buzzing is only on my computer.

That's what cured it for me. Perhaps because they're self powered? I don't know, but I tried everything else I could think of. Plus I tried off or before the ups the comp is on.

Let me know how it works out.