Audio Passthrough on Manjaro from laptop to desktop

I am trying to redo my Microphone setup a little bit. The microphone I have is very quiet. It's a little red Microphone that was from a karoke machine with a 3.5 MM jack. I have a Creative Labs Audigy SE sound card in my Desktop PC, the problem is with that; it is very quiet and I have the microphone volume and the 20DB boost active. The microphone is still very quiet.

So what I'm trying to do is use my Laptop (Dell Latitude D530) as an amp for my microphone. I have a cable that is running from the headphone jack to my Line-In on my Audigy SE on my Desktop. I am able to do it in windows, but I want to do it in Linux (primarily Manjaro).

The current audio controller is PulseWave or something like that on Linux. Any help would be greatly appriciated.



dumb it and buy a new mic. You can get a new mic for 40$

Main problem I am having is I don't have extra money. I'm also due to move to Alabama this summer.