Audio Muting + Mouse controls

I've been wanting to switch to a Linux distro for a while now.

I have used Ubuntu GNOME and CentOS. And I've been trying to get Arch Linux working for a the past few days and I do enjoy using it. There is only a few niggles left that I want to fix before I make the final switch to be my daily driver.

I normally run Spotify for my music and TeamSpeak for my voice comms. For some reason when I'm runnig Spotify and when I run an event that uses sound it mutes the spotify. I've been looking for a fix I had managed to find (ALSA) and looked at the auto mute options and cannot seem to find anything yet that fixed it. Also I normally use a button on the side of my mouse as my Push to talk button. But for some reason I cannot set this within Arch Linux is there a way to get it to respond to my sound mouse buttons but not affect my browser like it does in Windows?

I had found a piece of software called X-Mouse Button Control which allows me to change how to mouse works interupting the normal use of the side button on the mouse but allow for TeamSpeak push to talk button to still work within Windows.

TL;DR version:

Running Arch Linux /w GNOME + GDM

1) How to stop Spotify from muting within Arch Linux when running another sound event (For Example: TeamSpeak)?
2) How to accept side buttons on mouse within Arch Linux?

1 this might be solved with pulseaudio if its not already installed. Generally audio would get interrupted if you hadn't set up auto mixing properly. Pulseaudio does all the audio handling for you.

2 this might be a teamspeak issue, which is generally the case for closed programs unfortunately. You might be able to remap the button to a keyboard button and have teamspeak accept that. I foget the command to use though, maybe lookup mouse button remaping for Linux.

On teamspeak (offtipic a bit) you should consider getting peopel to move onto mumble. It's a great replacement and great for games especially if thet support audio positioning as this is one of mimbles features. It's also free libre software/open source

Everything is set up for PulseAudio, its set a default. Yet different sounds cause dipping and runinng music through Spotify gets stopped when another sound it played still.

Arch Linux doesn't even recognise that I'm pressing the button on the side of my mouse at all. All my buttons work expect the two on the side of the mouse.

Also with switching to Mumble I have heard of Mumble, I have run Mumble Servers in the past. But due to the nature of how this TeamSpeak is setup that users are applied privilages from another source and that source is written in a langauge non of our developers know -_- means that we cannot switch (Currently)

There's probably a way to config pulse to fix that though I don't know exactly what it would be.

On the mouse have you put it through xev? Assuming I've remembered the command right it will register any mouse events and should pick up the button. It's a start at least.

I manged to find: pacmd set-sink-input-mute <index> false

I can find the Inde by using pacmd list-sink-inputs and fix the muting, but when the application is closed it doesn't keep it's index, which I suppose is expected. Anyway way of mainting though that as I cannot find another fix.

I could install some additional key packages and map those to functions but I'll sort that later. Have to fix the audio first. It's what frustrtes me the most.

You could check /etc/pulse/ to see if module-role-cork (I've also seen it called module-cork-music-on-phone) is commented out or not.

awk '/Cork/;/cork/;/on-phone/' /etc/pulse/

If it's not commented out comment it out. Or to test you can unload the module before you open team speak.

pacmd unload-module module-role-cork

What module-role-cork does is mute music when a voice app is running, could also mute other things I'm not thinking of.

That was it!
Thanks ever so much. One step close to Arch Linux daily driver!