Audio Issues on Videos

Long time subscriber of L1 and I’ve noticed that many of the later videos (especially the L1 News ones) have these clipping and whatnot issues. Whether it’s just random noise artifacts or just audio being too loud, this stuff really hurts the ears when you’re listening with earphones/headphones.

Is there a specific reason for this? I know some stuff about audio editing so I might be able to give some pointers in the editing process if warranted.

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I have noticed on a couple of L1 videos there is a high pitched screech at some cuts, on recent videos. Maybe one in a video, in a few videos. Luckily I get them on speakers, I could not imagine what it would be like with headphones.

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I know there’s some terrible levelling on the Digital Mercenary Pt. 3 video. Wendell’s voice being loud and then scene is more quiet. There’s clipping because of lack of dynamic compression and then yeah, the high pitched screech.

Guess us Patreons have to buck up for some quality assurance… (@wendell) - just kidding…

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I mean, I’d totally be willing to edit the audio myself.

We have the cheap alesis 3630 compressors. Our audio is all analog. I like it better than the digital stuff I’ve used even on like tv commercial sets . Granted these are the cheapest compressors known to man but we think we introduced problems when we turned off the noise gate feature which a lot of people didn’t like.

We think something happened with the phantom power mic inputs on the Mackie but it may be fixed now. Too much gain on the Mackie too little on the alesis. But this was probably the result of all the noise the 3630s introduce without the gate function


Last video sure sounded fine to me overall, although I don’t crank the volume with headphones like some do.

One thing I’d like to mention though is that glitches of the kind appearing shortly after 16:14 ( could indicate a stability problem with the system doing the encoding or re-encoding, creating a bit error in the audio stream. Just to my experience.

Yeah I noticed too. Hopefully this is the last thing to tackle. Did it do it at any other timestamps? This was also in stereo so for sure nothing related to our mono gear

I did not hear any others.

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