Audio interface (with DSP) that works under Linux?

Hello everyone,
I am looking into buying an audio interface with a DSP.
My current setup is a USB mic, headphones and speakers. Through VoiceMeeter I have set it up so that audio from my computer is played through the headphones and the speakers. Any microphone processing is done in software (like OBS).
I’d like to purchase an XLR audio interface (and XLR mic) that takes care of all of those things. The problem is that I am currently using Windows but plan to switch to Linux in the not too distant future. Devices like the GoXLR provide the functionality but the accompanying software only works under Windows.

What processing are you doing to the microphone input?
Maybe you are better off buying a mic-preamp like the DBX 286s and using some audio interface that just serves as a was to get the processed analogue into your computer.


Noise suppression, noise gate, compressor and limiter filters. Haven’t messed with EQ yet but I might at some point

The io44 sounded like a good deal but there are a few problems:
-The mobile app isn’t compatible with my phone (my assumption is that it only works on tablets)
-The mobile app seems to only work when the io44 is connected to a Windows or Mac computer (probably because the software needs to be running) according to a support article (“UCS is only for controlling supported hardware connected to Mac or Windows systems on the same network as the device running UCS.”)

So I will probably have to look into separate devices for managing my audio channels and the mic processing.