Audio I/O Ports wont work?

I have the Sabertooth 990FX R2.0, I changed the case in it recently and there are NO scratches on it. Nothing was damaged. After I changed the case none of my audio ports are working, both the MB ports and the case's HD Audio. It's not that the ports are bad, the MB audio was working earlier the day I changed the case and the case is brand spankin' new. It is almost as if I disabled them in the UEFI but I didn't. Even if I did I tried reset everything to default and that didn't work. I also know it isn't Windows because I tried booting in Linux Ubuntu and it had the same issue. I don't really want to buy a sound card because I just want to case ports to work for earbuds instead of wearing a freaking headset every time. Now that I have given all of that info, is there anyone who could help me?

Thanks for reading, this is my build:

That's strange I've never heard of that happening before. The only things I can think of is a driver issue or the default audio output has changed.

I can't make it default because it isn't possible to enable it. It is grayed out and a red arrow next to it and I can't install or enable it. I have also uninstalled, reinstalled, update and rolled back the drivers, I got nothing.

hit the start button.

under run, type in services.msc

look for windows audio management and make sure it is set to automatic. if it is currently not running, start it.

also, make sure the multimedia endpoint builder and multimedia class scheduler services are set to automatic and started.

I had the same problem on Ubuntu with one of my rigs. There's alot of "fixes" but none worked for me either. That being said, the pc that was having those troubles is currently running windows 10 technical preview and has no audio problems so it has something to do with either the drivers or not having the proper codecs. Hopefully that will point you the right direction and I wish you luck. Ubuntu is a pretty good OS for dipping your feet into linux for the first time but you could definitely try another version. There's many threads on here discussing the different distros so you could check them out. My old laptop had the last version on mint on it 16 I think and it didn't have that problem.

well this not going to help you very much.

But this isnt the first time, that i read issues with the Asus Sabertooth 990FX R2.0 board and failing audio. I think you should contact Asus for an RMA if you cant get it to work.

Try to re-install the drivers and such. But honnestly if you only have changed the case, then normaly basicly nothing has changed.

But like i said, i have readed more issues with failing onboard audio with that particular board.

Great, thats exactly what I didn't want to hear. Thanks for the feedback though. I will contact Asus tomorrow maybe, but I don't have my pc so I can't check anything in windows, not that I think thats the issue. But thanks again for the feedback.