Audio File Not Displaying Artwork in Windows Media Player

So I’m having a weird issue with an audio file. For some reason, its artwork is not being displayed in Windows Media Player, but in Foobar2000, VLC, iTunes, and Mp3Tag it is being displayed.

Just wondering if anyone might know why this is the case. I’m trying to get as much compatibility as possible.

I dunno, but you might always try to update the cover with AudioShell - ID3 tag editor shell extension to see if it solves the problem.

How did you write the file? Or did you get them like that? Also are there multiple images embedded? What is the format of the image (can be seen in mp3tag).

I got them like this

No, just one


OK JPEG should be fine (not sure if WMP works with embedded PNGs). If you got them like this then I would try just re-writing the tags with mp3tag, might be one of those broken tag issues again.

Rewriting the tag/image to the file works, but I’m looking for a more in depth answer.

TBH I don’t know the exact structure of ID3 tags, but I suspect again that the tags are broken in some way, i.e. non-standard-compliant, which makes them unreadable by WMP in some ways. Specialised programs are usually more tolerant to broken files because they know what can still be used. Programs like WMP are usually more spec-oriented and just drop the operation when they encounter an error.