Audio Cables

I've recently bought some new headphones and the included cables are terrible, they have interference and it feels like broken wires because if I hold the cable a certain way it goes away. They're standard audio jacks(3.5 mm). I'm just looking for some heavier cables.

The Scosche I335 Mini Stereo Cable is nice. They're about $8 for 3 feet on Amazon. But if you want something super special, you can get an AudioQuest Evergreen. They're $41.75 for 2 meters on Amazon. IMO that's way too much for a cable especially when I can't tell the difference between that and the same thing that costs only $8 but that's for you to decide.

After some looking on Amazon I found these:

They look similar except one is braided one isn't, is braided worth it?

The differences between those cables is solely aesthetic. I prefer the braided ones just because I like the way they look/feel, but other than that either of those choices should be fine.