Audio Cable for Philips SHP9500

im looking for a better 3.5mm audio cable (purely for convenience reasons i know theres a lot of marketing bs surrounding "higher quality" cables) that i can get for my pair of Philips SHP9500 that i recently ordered since i don't like the one it came with.
since its a standard 3.5mm cable i was wondering if someone could help me in my search, the type of cable im looking for im not sure how to describe it other than "soft rubbey tangle free" possibly silicone cased? i have no idea, all the cables i find on amazon are either flat cables, hard like a generic audio cable and easy to kink, or braided nylon which is a no for me.

any ideas?

Have your pick

Fuck these links damn it.

I like flat cables. They never tangle at all.