Audio and Video Editing Software?

Hi guys, I'm looking a long time for some good software for audio recording/editing and video editing. I tried most programs for video editing, but they all provide this very basic, too basic functionality (I've used Camtasia on Windows). It is different with audio though, the only one that I could find was Audacity, and it completely sucks (I've used Goldwave on Windows).
For both of them, I want something kinda mid-range, I don't need a lot of options but I want them to be quite simple and quality (unlike with Audacity).

I've used lightworks, and it works quite well, but gets technical. For audio, I haven't had much audio editing background.

For video Lightworks is great once you learn how to use it. For audio Bitwig Studio is definitely the nicest right now. Cakewalk are porting some of their audio programs to Linux right now so soon there will be more choices for having a nice professional DAW using Linux.

As I've said in another thread, Blender is great for video editing. Much simpler than Lightworks and it definitely gets the job done.
As for audio, you will have to invest money, if you wanna get anything done. Bitwig Studio is a good DAW for production, but kinda sucks in post. It's also not the cheapest DAW. You should take a look at Reaper instead. It's cheap, has everything you need and a great community.

Pitivi and Openshot which is just about to drop a huge update.

Thank all you guys. I tried both Pitivi and Openshot and they are too basic, just like I said in the OP. I tried Lightworks and I didn't like it, but I'll give it another shot.
I don't need a whole DAW, I won't use Linux for any music, just recording of my voice for different purposes. I need something that will record very well (unlike Audacity) and have really nice tools for basic editing (unlike Audacity).

Cinelerra for video editing. Ardour for audio.