Hello Everyone,
I’m somewhat new to forums and blogs sites, but there’s a lot of you out there with lots of Audio knowledge & experience. I’m currently involved in some mid-level audio systems work myself and look forward to starting my own audio business.
With that said, I would like to hear your thoughts or opinions on adding an Amplifier & DAC to PC’s? Also, does anyone have any suggestions on Audio Software that costs $50 - $150?
I currently own two (2) Amps & DACs:

  1. Creative Sound BlasterX G5
  2. FiiO E10K OLYMPUS 2
    There both solid products that produce quality sound, but I’d like to add some good Audio Software at value price.
    I appreciate any advice and hope to offer feedback on topics I’m familiar with!

Honestly I have a stage amp I use with good stage speakers to get a perfect flat tone when I need it in music production. 400 bucks and you have the same thing tbh. I think DAC’s are a little over rated, tube amps too, and I think you’d do a lot better to get a sound card with an amp built into it.

I have a sound blaster live! that does the job all too well and I bet you can find a pcie version (mine is pci) for like 30 bucks. Be wary though windows 10 might fuss.

I would just look for a sound card with a dac in it though. I already have tools all over my desk I don’t need extra stupid shit on it.

This works for me:


  1. Tascam US-322 External Audio Interface (now old, there are newer versions, also tascam don’t care about linux compatibility windows and mac only)

However I am upgrading from this soon with:

  1. Focusrite 2i4 (2nd gen)


  1. JDS Labs - O2 - Headphone amplifier
    A custom configuration from main website (I tried various headphone amps from amazon and they either didn’t go loud enough, couldn’t power the headphones I had or had some kind of electric noise. After a lot of audio forum discussions I found this one and a lot of people praised them, and now so do I).
  2. Edifier S730 2.1
    IMO a good quality 2.1 system, I pref quality 2.1 systems over 5.1 & 7.1 any day
  3. Headphones: HD650 & AKG K712pro
    A completely different audio experience with each, can be very interesting to listen to your audio creations on each, the AKG will really show up poor sample quality).
  4. Oxygen 49 USB Keyboard
  5. Nektar Impact LX88 Controller Keyboard
  6. Novation Launchpad Music Controller (with 64 Keys)

FL Studio or Abelton, I pref’ FL Studio. There are multiple editions of each, note if you go with FL Studio you get free upgrades for LIFE. FLStudio can be as cheap as £90 or really expensive with the complete bundle, producer version is best value imo.