Audio Amplifier for PC

Hey guys,

I am looking for a small audio amplifier for at least a 2.1 setup (x2 speakers and a smaller subwoofer) that I can send my desktop PC audio to, as well as at least one other device, such as a video game console, or similar. I don't have a TV, my computer monitor is pretty much my TV. I may end up getting a Nintendo Switch in a little while, and I would love to have my PC audio and game console audio run through the same speakers.

So far, this is all I have found that I like:

However, I am concerned with the price, lack of availability in the states, and some of the usability complaints the few reviews I have found stated.

I also really can't afford anything more than $400.

I know I may be a bit of an edge case here, but I am growing tired of these cheap made for PC 2.1 and 5.1 speaker setups. They all have lot's of reliability issues and/ or don't sound nearly as good as a quality home theater setup.

I know this is primarily a computer technology forum, but if there are any audio buff's out there, your help would be greatly appreciated.

At that price you can just get a home theater in a box. That is what i did. The Sony str-ks370 was 400 when i bought it and the AMP fits nicely under my monitor and just needs an HDMI cable to work.

I use This as my desktop amp. I got mine on Amazon for about $50 but I haven't seen them listed on there for awhile now. I use it to drive a pair of Infinity 100W satellite speakers and 8" powered subwoofer from my TSS -500 surround sound set that I wasn't using any more. It does an admiral job for the money. It's 35Wx2 but still pushes plenty of clean volume through the Infinities. I usually leave Windows volume on 30% then adjust the volume on the amp. About 25% on it is all I need while sitting at my desk. You would need a powered sub with RCA inputs and a crossover though for 2.1. You could pick up a source selector if want to be able to plug in a game console or something and still be well under $400.

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I would highly recommend SCHIIT audio, they have some great amps and DACs for really good prices plus they also have upgrade parts for DACS. Really great company never had any problems with them, top notch customer support. They have amps/DACs for all budgets and rival the best in the industry for much less.
Edit: They also sell some of their products on Amazon (they have tons of reviews there), I would avoid buying off Amazon through as some of the products have newer versions.
Amazon link: