Au: Wanted: old IDE drives (free or close to it)

Im looking for some old IDE hard drives, mainly because i'm looking for a project and someone said that getting a raid of IDE drives working in this day and age might be a challenge....

I would prefer the drives for free or minimal cost as this is not a high end rig more a "yes you can" type of thing happy to pick up in and around brisbane (queensland australia) or pay for some postage if needed.

Craigslist my friend. there just might be people around you looking to make a quick buck selling old computer parts.

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i've had a look most people are selling Sata drives sadly it appears i'm short a few drives to make the build come true but only time will tell...

i have a 30gb drive lying around. the rest of them are BEING USED IN A RAID ARRAY.


Electronics recycling centers? They if not all ready destroyed will have stuff like this usually.

Might be able to find some in thrift shops. I have a few laying around. Where abouts do you live? I don't want to pay for shipping.

I see what I can find. I don't think postage to send them across the ditch will be much.

as my post says im happy to pick up in and around brisbane (queensland australia) which is where im from,

Dje4321 this is sooo on topic +1 or liked for the reply.

Zibob i'm not aware of any centers that allow you to buy second hand parts in queensland let alone anywhere near me but thanks for the idea something to look into.