ATX case for home storage

Well thats why I recommended the P70

You know, for pure storage purposes I would probably recommend going back to Define R4. No window. 8 HDDs, 2 extra SSD mounts on the back of the mobo tray and dual optical bays, that can me repurposed as HDD bays to hold extra drives. It’s silence optimized, so all rattling from the drives will be dampened and it doesn’t have glass and shit to just make it more expensive.

Sure I can. Well, I can rant on it.
It is a 70€ case sold for 100€. By default, 4 HDD mounts, there may be options to screw something to the mobo-tray, but as is, it is all add-on components required.
Then there is not enough room to put something in the middle 5.25" bay because the 24-pin takes the turn right there (or you leave that dangeling in the front).
On the note of front bays, the quick release makes a racket whenever air temperature in my room drops below 18°C. Some tape keeps them in check now.
When mounting fans in the top, the frames are sitting on the mobo/RAM-slots. The top mesh is half loose on mine, came like that from the factory.
The right side panel is floppy like the brain of the guy who sawed off the screws for the front fan mounts. Because Corsair could not afford an additional 5mm…
The front panel is all plastic (like a 70€ case…)

Cable mangement is impossible due to lacking tie down points.

The bottom fan mount is a joke. Maybe useable on wireless PSUs (haha…)

Overall rating: 2/10, shit case, overpriced.

PS: For the second GPU, 28cm is max lenght

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Ah. In that case, I recommend a case with as many 5.25" places as you can get away with, use an M2 drive for the system drive, and then raid the crap out of the rest. Why 5.25"? Because then you could fit quite a few of these:

With the proper chassi, it would be possible to put in over 100 drives (largest I’ve found has 14 slots), but for SOHO purposes I’d recommend something with a small-ish form factor. There are smaller cases available with 4 slots (e.g. 32 drives), like this one:

I would probably be satisfied with 2 slots, but it’s all up to you. Good luck! :slight_smile: