ATX 12v 2.52 PSU Recommendation

Currently looking for a replacement PSU , i was wondering if anyone has some recommendations for a psu that is ATX 2.52 compliant and has good ripple spec/voltage stability .I would like to reuse this recommended psu in the future for a better rig ~5950x or so.

Ryzen 3 1200
Corsair LPX 2400MHZ 8gb(4gbx2)
960 evo nvme
Palit gts450
7200rpm 1tb spinning rust HDD.

I would suggest a Seasonic GX650. Its well build, 10 years warranty, quality vendor. But idk if its 2.52 conform. I would guess so. Should be plenty for an 5950x and a GPU if you want to add that too. Otherwise the GX Series is all the way good. If you wanna go Overkill, check the PX Series.

EDIT: Focus Plus series is also really good. Build some PC with them and checked load/ripple tests before. Doesnt get better than that in that price range, at least for what i know.

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