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The name is neenja - as in; ninja, with spelling errors.

I used to watch your youtube shows some years ago when you were with What a disappointment tiger direct has become. I blame your absence (compliment).You had some cohost that I didn't care for, what was his name Al, Alawaki, Alberto, Alfrankinpuf... Al-something-or-other. If you are still friends... doh! my bad (as of 07:27:43, 2013-09-20)

As a beer aficionado here is something I thought you might appreciate...

'There once was a barmaid from Wales on whose chest was tattooed all the prices of ale. Whilst on her behind. For the sake of the blind. Was precisely the same, but in brail.'

Question: What happened to text adventure games? 'You enter a room with 3 doors. One leads to a lavatory. One leads to your office. The last door is the color green and a sheet of paper lays on it. The desk to your right enters a new dimension of CRT, text, and imagination. What would you like to do?'

Question: Tell us more about your time at and why you left. You made the show interesting and fun to watch. The cohost seemed condescending and flat. I always associated tiger direct's success, with fellow enthusiasts, with your show and the reviews on products and such. Once you left and the show started to come to a close I felt as though their business began to wane significantly. I see now that Linus Tech Tips/NCIX, Newegg, yourself and many others have youtube shows dedicated to reviews, excellent! Keep up the good work. 

Update: Another Question

Logan, could tell us your thoughts on the future of Linux and gaming? We hear about the NSA being in bed with service providers and I've heard you speak loosely on the matter before. I understand Linux platforms have relatively better security inherent in the programming than windows platforms. Do you think that gamers/enthusiasts might take to Linux for the sake of feeling more secure? If so, would game developers follow suit and begin writing many of the popular games (Bioshock series, MMORPGs, etc) to work on Linux to maintain their enthusiast base? Any general comments on the basic idea of the future of operating systems and security while connected to the web, any predictions for us? It seems you research these things quite a lot and might have some insight to share. 

My bio is particularly interesting, I suggest you read it after drinking the beer from episode 0038 'Lets have a lan party atop a mountain' with 9% alcohol, you'll need it.


PS: Mario is a warlock and is bad. I've heard that before...

PS2: You might find this funny 'Key & Peele: East West College Bowl'


Games and things.

Thrilling bio ;)

I tried to be as concise as possible.

What, no reply? Preposterous

...what a wonderful chance to use that word, finally. 

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I believe my original post was edited by none other than someone other than me... no bother, I think I understand. The NSA I'm sure had something to do with it. I blame congress and tv shows with N.C.I. or S. in the title, oh and cute puppies. 


...if cute puppies are to blame, something is seriously amiss. 

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Something about not liking Florida on the Tiger subject 

Interesting. It seems to me that Logan has done much better for himself with this forum and his youtube channel, well done. From the looks of your videos, you ain't in Florida no more - as they say.