Attention toronto miners!

If there is anyone who live near Toronto I've got the deal of a live time! So, I was on cragslist looking for a mining gpu and i found this  I'd get it except its too far away. See if it's real and not a scam. 

EDIT: It's a HD5770 for $30

You could get over 200 MH/s with that. That is a steal :O

I swear to go they will break your legs and skull fuck you when you go to take it xD

Tp bad i dont have a way of geting down there ATM

Well now... too bad a 520w PSU can't handle a 7870 and this card plus an i3 3225... Or can it? I did some reasearch apparently on a 1X PCI slot LTC mining is simply just as effective as on 16X. So if that's the case, is a 520W seasonic 80plus bronze enough to handle a 7870 and this card mining at full load at the same time? I typically undervolt my cards to mine.