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ATT Came to my House


Because my sister had direct tv at their house, ATT showed up at mine. They went on about having the fastest internet in the world, and that it was cheaper. We could grandfather our plan/price every year. Well I already have a gigabit for 240 a month and ATT said it would be cheaper from them. The person was really pushing us to sign up. But I know in the past from friends ATT has throttled internet and doesn’t let you own your modem and router. I am asking if they are worth switching to from my current setup which has allowed me to use my own equipment. The person said I couldn’t possibly have 1gigabit, but I do. We had a separate line installed that cost thousands of dollars. I said I would look into it. But my ISP has vowed to not throttle or block content and I know ATT would probably do the opposite once net neutrality is dead.


They turned up at your door selling crap (who does this? its 2017).
They out right lied to you.
Told you you were a lier and didnt know what your talking about.

I dont think there’s a question here. :stuck_out_tongue:


This is probably what turned me away from wanting to research it in the past. We have gone to Menards and they sell att/direct tv packages and have told me things that sound good, until you read the fine print. So lying and also telling me I am lying is what should keep me away. But I am interested in getting cheaper internet while maintaining my speed.


It’s a sham, you won’t get a good price for a service like that from ATT
source: dude who knows many under ATT plans, the carnage, the pain, the regret


lol att is absolute garbage

went to comcast, which is another evil. but at least we have >50% uptime now lmfao


I’ll add my parents to one of those many. My parents had ATT a while back and it wasn’t too bad while they were only paying for 20 mbps. There wasn’t any downtime and they averaged like 17 mbps, so not bad for what they were paying for. As my parents got more into streaming they decided they wanted to upgrade and ATT was having a spectacular deal on 75 mbps, so they decided to upgrade. Well, for whatever reason, after they upgraded they were still only getting about 17 mbps on average. They had ATT come out 3 or 4 times to try and fix it with no results. Eventually ATT told them that 17 mbps was withing their acceptable threshold for their plan, because it’s “up to 75 mbps” and there’s no guarantee that they will match that speed.

So my parents cancelled their service the next day and had Comcast come out. Comcast had a plan for like $10 more a month for 150 mbps, so that’s what they went with. They very rarely have any downtime and they usually get about 140 mbps on 5 GHz and like 80 mbps on 2.4 GHz. So they’re happy with it. Sometimes they even get above the expected speeds on 5 GHz (I’ve seen it up to 183 mbps), 2.4 Ghz isn’t great (almost half the speed of what’s advertised) but almost all of their stuff will do 5 GHz anyways so they don’t really care.

If there were other reliable options where I live I wouldn’t go with either of them, but seeing as how they’re pretty much the only choices, I’d rather go with Comcast because at least it works. I’d never go with ATT.



AT&T, Comcast, and a few others will hire desperate 20-30 year olds to go home to home to try and sell service.

These people are usually people who are trying to get into these companies for a career, and they will do or say anything for the money.


I know someone who did this for a week and bailed. Att hires some random people for a few weeks who sit through sales seminar for a day then is shuttled around neighborhood to neighborhood just to get sales. They don’t know shit and are paid on commission.


I have on several occasions modified contracts. The beauty of paper contracts is you can submit modifications and its up to the holder to review it. Just sayin.


No. Whatever the hell is giving you gigabit keep it. ATT literally just wants a reason to have the line.


They tried to convince us that Gigabit Fiber was available in our area.

Once they showed up, the story changed to “we need to use the phone jacks” and “the only fiber available is for the U-verse TV.” The numbers also became 50 down and 1 up supposedly on the phone wire (DSL) and their modem.

I sent the technician home with a snack for his time. He said I should ask for “fiber to the home” next time which isn’t available. It wasted an entire day of mine.

A couple months later, Comcast throttled us and said that the “AT&T U-verse in the area was causing noise on the same frequency” even though they’re using completely different types of wire and distribution lines. They made me swap out modems (needed for phone) and kept us throttled for about 2 months total while blaming random things. Each customer service representative and technician had a different story.

They are all 100% useless. I welcome robots ASAP.


I have ATT gigabit right now and am about to cancel it for a basic cable 100/? connection.

Why? They tie the MAC address of the combo router to your account. Unless you do some extreme firmware and MAC spoofing on the POS you’ll always be going through their router. You’ll nver to be able to route completely through a Pfsense because there is only DMZ+ mode or IP passthrough.

Pluss they charge 10$ a month for 4 static IPs.

So fuck ATT I’d rather deal with cable internet.


I would go to the local service center and bash their heads in should my internet be down for more than 30 minutes


That’s more then my new car payment :slight_smile:


Sounds like you’re pretty well invested in the connection you have right now.


Yes but the only thing now is that we have had this internet for 10 years and we are absolutely being hammered on property taxes. About 800 a month. Also both my parents are retired so I am paying for everything, except for food. That really shouldn’t be an excuse to get ATT. Their representative straight up lied to me and I wouldn’t benefit from switching besides a lower price. I am just hoping google fiber becomes available in the near future. We are planning on moving else where once my grandma passes away. She is 95 god bless her soul. She likes the doctor she has, we are minutes away from OSU’s medical hospital. The alternatives besides what we have are Spectrum and ATT.


This is true :frowning:

I also don’t know, if other ISPs do this. But ATT never automatically upgraded our modem. We are still paying $7 a month in rent for a modem from '09. Realistically we should contact them and ask for the newer modem.


It would go down at least once every two hours. Most annoying shit ever.

technician came over

tried to fix shit for 5 hours. First blamed cabling in the house. Ok, I literally pulled a brand spanking new cat5e cable from the outside of the house to the inside. Still broken.

eventually fixed but ended up getting less than advertised performance, then dude pulled the “up to 25mbps” bullshit.

Comcast has had 95% uptime and consistent 100mbps+ download. So much better. Installed a ubiquiti access point and have not had any network issues since, thank god.


Last internet outage I had was ~3 weeks ago for 5 minutes.
16/3 Mbit/s for 40€/month from telekom


I’ve had Northland, I have like 99% uptime. Pretty satisfied. Speeds drop to as low as 70 Mbps during peak hours, otherwise I get a get a sustained 100 Mbps and sometimes get 115 Mbps.