ATI Sapphire

what's the general opinion of Sapphire and what they make? Buy? No buy? pros/cons.

I think they make nice cards I have had a 6870 sapphire and it was great but I would always reccomned an Asus or MSI if you can get one.

i don´t know if sapphire´s are voltage locked, but i would recommend a Msi, asus or HiS. radeon card. 7950/7970.

Sapphire is (mostly) voltage locked, but can still do a decent OC. 

In reguards to build quality, its pretty beast. Their coolers are nice as well.

i got that sapphire 7870 that newegg always has on sale, voltage locked (not a huge deal, it seems most are), decent cooler at best, loud, and mine benchmarks significantly worse than most (i have an 8320 so that shouldn't be much of any of a bottleneck)

I have noticed that most have unlocked voltage but you need to use there program sapphire trixx to get the voltage control.

nope, locked, most sapphire gpus that i've seen

some people have hacked afterburner to unlock it, didn't work for me, i can get about 50mv up with gpu tweek

I have a Sapphire 7970 oc, and it runs great. I got an awesome overclock out of it too. I have to admit, the heat sink and plastic shroud feel kinda cheap, but I bought it because it was the cheapest 7970 at the time.

I say +1 for sapphire.


I have a Sapphire HD 7850, it runs cool, I never hear its cooler and it runs at 1050 MHz at stock voltage.