ATI Radeon HD 4850 X2 Approaches the Market

I will replace my old GeForce 8600GTS with this graphic card.What do you think about it?

umm idk, wait few weeks after it comes out, then buy, it might get cheaper

didnt ati say there done with the 4800 series like 2 months ago


eh i thought this card was coming out BEFORE the 4870x2... not even something i'm considering lol

Eh, ATi cards run too hot. Two ATi GPUs on one card is pure "crash and burn" if one doesn't have sufficient cooling. Other than that, performance is probably great, especially with the new Catalyst and Force drivers that came out for ATi just recently

i'd rather get one or two separate 4870's over one 4850x2..


I'd rather get a 6600.

i wonder if it can beat the 9800 GX2

"i wonder if it can beat the 9800 GX2"

it better be able to beat a gx2, that would be sad if it couldn't.

$375 on newegg