ATI GPU with nVidia physx

I was thinking of building a new system, but with an ATI gpu this time, I have an nVidia 8600GTS XXX.

Is it possible to use the ATI gpu as the main gpu, and the 8600 as a physx processor.

Will be using an x58 or p55 board for new build.

Thanks in advance

not sure man

Completely different chips.

i actually asked 3dgameman the same quesiton. i got a 760gx board. he says "yes, with the current drivers you can" but that was it... still don't know

Yes, yes it is possible. and yes yes it works. the cards do not have to be "sli'ed" together to work as physx.Â
BUT! The catch is not the chips or drivers.. It's the operative system. So far I know that Vista 64bit does not support two video drivers at the same time. But I think windows xp does.

Hmmm worth a shot to try out on windows 7.. It's still a gogo Ati if it wont work.. Just sell your old GPU or put it into your moms rig or something :P

EDIT; confirmed.. works in windows xp.
Hey might wanna try the windows xp thingie in windows 7 then :P

Your a fucking forum machine!!!!!!

Yeah you can, but why would you go ATi over Nvidia?

lol i remember back in the day when 3dfx had voodoos and they invented SLI

i would SLI my voodoo2s
and my dad was able to also SLI it with other cards too!!

I would have super high performance on games like
Terracide and hl1 ( 800x600 rES!!!)
and then i remember the day i bought a geforce 2 and hl1 ran like shit LEWL