Ati Drivers And Wow Trial

I have a 3870x2

I have spent hundreds of dollars to buy a professional

card and when i install the drivers , the fucking wow trial comes without

asking and installs itself.

That is unacceptable.I am really pissed off right

now ,because i have given my money to ati and they treat me like i am nothing.

i mean i know most people will say something like "wow dude get over it" or "it's just a few kilobytes' but its not that.

First of all, what the hell do the drivers have to do with World of Warcraft, i am aware that

most people buy the graphics cards for gaming but some want them for work.

Secondly , some people do not even have internet which renders Wow useless

Moreover there is no option in the ati installation in the express mode not to install Wow and on top of that it doesn't even warn you about what is to be installed

i am aware that the pupose of the express mode is to make it quick but can't you at least put a message box saying "Would you like to install WOW?"

Furthermore the installation of Wow Trial is so quick that you don't have time to click cancel . Accidental ?

And on top of all these things , there is no option at startup menu for uninstallation ( you have to go to remove programs which is not the best option since it takes some time to load and many users will not chose to got through the trouble and leave it in their pc)

Plus , what is the reason ati gives us a wow trial when you can get a key for free from the original website ?

Overall their policy for advertisement is aggressive and some people intend to use the card for 3d animation and stuff .Some others update their drivers every time a new version is released ( like me ) but they forget not to press express installation and then they have to uninstall a loads of crap every fucking time.

For giving them 300$ and more i EXPECT professional services

I want the driver , i downloaded the driver (there is no mention in the website that it comes with advertisement) and i want to install the freaking fucking driver .

1st... did you install the drivers from the install CD...

never do that.

2nd, was there no check box that said something like "install wow trial with installation"????

if there was no check box I will make a video and send it to AMD...

3rd... try using Ccleaner to uninstall programs... great little application that does a ton of good stuff.

It dosnt install wow you noob, it lays a shortcut to a webpage where you CAN get a trial...

ATi is ofcourse paid big money to promote the game...

when the shortcut came after i installed my 4850 drivers i was like fuck no

and deleted it faster then rice comes to anime girls with huge penis's :P

lololololololololol @ urban shaft

lol , noob i know it's not the actual game :S .,Logan :In express mode there is no checkbox, you have to select the custom install for the checkboxes to appear.The drivers form the cd are really old. i download new every month, The wow trial is a shortcut placed in the desktop and an entry in the add/remove programs.I know its not a big deal but it doesnt even warn you AND it's annoying to remove it every time.They do this with every version of the drivers available form their website .

just do a custom install (drivers and ccc) then just uncheck the option to install WOW its annoying i know by the way new Ati drivers just came out 8.12 i think

i wasn't bothered that much about the actual uninstallation process but about the way Ati treats it's costumers