Ati driver

I'm having trouble installing graphics driver on linux mint.

I'm used to just downloading the driver and just having it automatically install. This driver however has me in the "terminal" thing typing in commands, none of which work correctly.

Is there no way to download drivers and have them automatically install?

Yeah you don't need to download it. What interface are you using? Mate? Cinnamon? Let me know.

I suppose , I dont really know what interface it is , it looks kind of like windows xp

......... You should be able to search "Additional Drivers" in your app menu on whatever interface, except mate, and you'll bring up a manager for drivers.
You can figure it out from there.

I found driver manager by just typing in "driver" however a box pops up that only shows my my gpu. it has three driver options all of which are very laggy , or give a gpu error when the machine boots into the os. Somthing along the lines of the cpu doing the visual accelerations and the gpu driver not being enabled.

Either you're a troll or you did something stupid. I'll go for the latter.

What were you following the first time?

i was in the driver manager and i was changing between the different driver options it had. the (recommended) driver was somewhat laggy and the color was almost like 16 bit color as opposed to 32bit.

the two non recommended driver were very laggy and worse so i switched back to the recommended one and now it basically doesn't seem to be working anymore.

The driver manager app or window rather is very sparce and only shows my gpu , three options for preloaded drivers it has , and that's it. is the driver manager only for gpu's?

If it has FGLRX in the list and FGLRX-Updates, then yes. Since you have ATI use the opensource drivers.

In any sense before you used the manager.

Actually no. This was in a thread earlier. Choose a driver and bloody reboot.

Done. Next.

That just popped into my head. You don't just install it and it works. You still have to reboot.

Again I would choose the opensource (non-FGLRX) driver.

I restarted it and it still has the error which says "running in software rendering mode"

The display driver wasn't working correctly anyway even when the installation was brand new. should I just try ubuntu instead?